My School!!

I found out I will be going to Asanteman Senior High School!!! I think I will be taking the visual arts programme!!

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I will be staying in urban Kumasi with My host Dad, Mom, 2 little brothers (one is just under 4 and the other just turned 1), and two women Zinat and Najat however I am still not exactly sure how they are related but Im sure Ill find out when I get there!!

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Wisdom Teeth Mayhem!!!

well its the day after the operation and all I can think about is how badly I want to make sure that the holes in my mouth are healed by the time I get to Ghana a few days before would be really nice!!!!

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Hello world!

Well Im trying to decide what blog to use for my year abroad and this one seems promising! I will be in Kumasi, Ghana for around 11 months with a host family and I will be attending a local high school (I do not were exactly quite yet)

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